Professional Installation Services



Professional Installation Services


Installation Requirements:

The replacement dishwasher must be the same dimensions as the current unit and be installed in its current location.
You do not live in a multi-unit/condo that requires a licensed plumber.
Flooring has not been raised since your existing dishwasher was installed.
Ensure unobstructed access to the installation site within your residence.
If there is no accessible shut-off valve, drain, or adequate space, the installation may not be successfully carried out.

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dishwasher installation checklist checkmark--v1

What’s Included

checkmark--v1 Technician to review Scope of Work before commencing.
checkmark--v1 Remove packaging and inspect unit.
checkmark--v1 Disconnect existing dishwasher (if applicable)
checkmark--v1 Prepare appropriate drilling if side-mounting is necessary and possible.
checkmark--v1 Installing the new dishwasher within the existing opening, connecting it to the pre-existing plumbing and electrical systems.
checkmark--v1 Provide and connect dishwasher supply line.
checkmark--v1 Ensure dishwasher is properly grounded.
checkmark--v1 Test to ensure proper operation

What’s not included?

cancel-2--v1 Disposal of old unit and new packaging.
cancel-2--v1 Supply and install of a new shut off valve.
cancel-2--v1 Routing water and drain lines through adjacent cabinet(s) other than the sink base.
cancel-2--v1 Upgrading of electrical services, structural modifications or removal of cabinetry to accommodate new appliances.

Replacement of circuit breakers (requires a licensed electrician).

When will you install my Dishwasher?

Our installer will contact you within 48hrs of your purchase to schedule your installation.

How long does the install take?

In most cases the installation will be completed within 2 hours.